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FLASH GORDON Space ships


Within a pocket of space known as a vortex, another dimension artificially created long ago by a great empire. Beyond this veil is a turbulent a sea of fire- a nebula of burning gaseous clouds and vapors, past this barrier there exist remnants of an ancient and shattered system consisting of a planet with two small moons that orbit a Red SunStar.
The planet Mongo- once a prosperous blue and green planet much like the Earth , until one of mongo’s twin SunStars went super nova, in an effort to preserve their world the ancient rulers of mongo created the "Imperial Vortex" but not before a great burst of cosmic radiation blasted the planet killing much of the life on the surface and shifting the planets axis causing great volcanic eruptions earthquakes whole continents to rise and fall and some areas of Mongo to fragment and splinter off resulting in a variety of climates and regions with lesser gravity where survival is harsh and mutated life forms thrive and feed on the weak.

Eventually those that survived deep within mongo walked the surface once again dividing into several kingdoms and territories that are technologically advanced or very barbaric. First of these is the forest kingdom of Arboria that exist on Arkaylia one of mongos two moons, and the frozen kingdom of Frigia is on Surd the other moon of Mongo that is always in the planets shadow, both moons were once a part of Mongo that broke away during the cataclysm caused by the erupting star.

On Mongo Beneath the Sea of Mystery is the underwater kingdom of Coralia, Bordering the sea is the Land of the Lion Men-East of the Lion Men's kingdom beyond the valley of desolation are the Magnetic Mountains known as the land of the dead in the Fire Lands exists the Kingdom of Volcania., North of this is the flying Sky City of the Hawk Men, There is also the jungle continent of Tropica, Mongo also has extensive underground domains. All these Kingdoms are ruled from Mingo City, site of the palace of the Merciless Ming, who self proclaims to be the Emperor of all Mongo an soon the Universe.

Mongo relies on a glowing red and green ore called Zerilium that is mined on Ictar, a small asteroid just outside the sea of fire. An orbiting death-rock that Ming uses slave labor made up of captives-mutants and the condemned to mine the radioactive elements deep within its core, the natural minerals in the asteroid rock shelter the miners for a short time from the effects of the radiation but not the unbearable heat-one hundred days is the life span of the slave workers. the dangerous Zerilium is then refined by Ming’s scientist, the purified element to be used for power and industry while the poisonous effects of the zerilium gas that is released in the processing- known as “the Purple Death” is added to Ming’s deadly arsenal as well as the asteroid fragments generated by the mining are used as weapons guided by meteor ships piloted by Ming’s army of Robot men.

ICTAR Asteroid

Ming's Secret Base
Another of Mings slave camps are the Solarite mines in the land of the dead, This unstable mineral with great destructive power is found within the Magnetic Mountains a natural depository of many such elements and ores. Solarite is mined by the Mole-Men and will provide many weapons, but the evil Ming’s ultimate secret weapon against all that would oppose him is his- Solarite powered “Super destructo-Ray” mounted atop a Secret Stronghold base saddled within the bosom of the Magnetic Mountains-from that location Ming can threaten Earth and all the kingdoms of Mongo except Frigia
Ming's Base and Super Destructo-Ray

the Merciles
Emperor Ming- governs with an iron fist. Ming's authority appears to be based on his vast military power of –War Rockets-Robot Soldiers and a arsenal of lethal weapons and deadly poisons. Ming is believed to be immortal and once served as "high priest" to King Ghor-dhan -ruler of the ancient Mongovian Kingdom of SYK, Ming really only served his own ambitions and desires for power giving allegiance and tribute to the greater glory his dark and perverse deity - Dyzan

After the death of King Ghor-dhan, Ming attempted to seize power but was defeated by the Witch-Queen Azura with her mysterious powers-She alone had banished Ming and his followers to the Surface world. Ming taking with him stolen secrets, knowledge and technological devices and began his rule by creating an Army of Robots and War rocket spaceships.
To establish himself as ruler Ming sent his Poison Rockets piloted by robotmen to spray the deadly zerilium gas into the clouds seeding them, which caused a lethal acid rain to poison with a sickness-or to drop "Death Dust" over the Kingdoms of his enemies releasing the –“Purple death”- a plague of death that leaves a purple spot on the forehead of its victims ravaging all the life in the contaminated region rendering it uninhabitable-threatening this fate to all the lesser kingdoms of mongo into obedience-divided and warring against one another-united only in their fear. Ming rules all of Mongo except for SYK, he vowed that one day he would return and the Witch Queen too will pay tribute to him as Emperor of all Mongo.
Every thousand years, Ming will test each life system in the Universe with mysteries, the use of meteors, earthquakes, unpredicted eclipses, strange weather… If these are taken as natural, Ming will judge that system ignorant and harmless - and spare it. But if the Hand of Ming is recognized in these events, he will judge that system dangerous to Mongo-and destroy it utterly as tribute and to the glory of the great god Dyzan .
Ming would have ruled all the galaxy unchallenged-But he had to tempt a small blue planet in a peaceful system called Earth, and anger a young Heroric human born in the good old USA that had the ability to find the best in men thus bringing together factions uniting them against tyranny and for freedom -thus began the tyrant Mings downfall.
the Forest Kingdom
Arkaylia, larger of the two moons is blanketed in a dense mist of humidity, below the layers of moisture vapor is the forest kingdom of Arboria. With a surface entwined with vines and thick with giant trees dire marshes swamp lands bogs and quicksand., Arboria is inhabited by a variety of ferocious flesh-eating plants-monstrous predatory animals and insects and other poisonous creatures all under the watchful eyes of the Arborean treemen-all deadly warriors and skilled hunters that live in Arborias domed city at the center of the forest with defenses of energy raygun cannons and attack rocketships.

Prince Baron
Born of Nobel blood and rightful successor to Ghor-dhan, Baron is not very refined as a prince and somewhat dark and brooding-and has much contempt for Vultan of the Hawkmen-a rival in battle and for the love of emperors daughter Princess Aura –both also share the desire to depose Ming. Baron waits for the time that he will crown himself King of Mongo until that day he amuses himself by hunting captives and trespassers from the other Kingdoms especially hawkmen.

Ice Mountain City
Surd, once a part of Mongo now an Ice moon known as Frigia-hidden always in Mongo’s shadow away from the warmth of TAO the Red Sunstar. The atmosphere is a chilling blue hue over a beautiful landscape of white snow capped mountains and crystalline shards of ice-prism’s that sparkle and glow with an inviting warmth-the coldest most uninhabitable frozen void of stillness-a cruel wasteland of calm freezing death to all life not suited for survival there. Dwelling within the peaked mountains and caverns of the Frigean moon sits -Ice Mountain City -the inhabitants mine for Polarite-a mineral found only in the frigean Ice-Mines. Polarite has the ability to attract and neutralize the Death Dust toxins-one of many poisons used by Ming.

Queen Fria
Queen Fria and her race are able to survive in the Frozen wastelands born to the intense cold, all other intruders will perish without protective suits. She is a welcomed figure head by all the other kingdoms since her Kingdom alone has the antidote for Ming’s death dust. She is eloquent and appears delicate and warm-but can be colder than Surd to intruders -counseled by her general but she alone has the finale word. Fria and her people are one of the advanced cultures and do not seek to involve themselves in the petty battle’s that exist among the other kingdoms.

LAND OF THE LION MENThis Kingdom is atop a plateau of Rocky cliffs with caves surrounded by a wilderness of tall grasslands where wild things live freely. This kingdom and Lands are protected by a mutant race of Lion men-Intelligent and Fierce territorial protectors of this sanctuary. They are not of the more advanced races but are clever in their ingenuity and strategy, they defend themselves using the older discarded weapons such as missiles and big gun cannons and they attack in squadrons of flying Gyro Ships.

Prince Thun
Prince Thun-first son of the ailing King Zuun, The prince already seen as the leader of his people, Thun will not step up to the title of king until the father that he is most devoted is no more. The most valiant and trustworthy of all the princes, he is a brave leader and warrior and fair in his judgments. Prince Thun openly opposes Ming and his known allies such as King Kala of the Sharkmen and doe’s not trust Baron or Vultan to be any better than Ming as a ruler of Mongo

of the
The Hawk-men’s Flying Kingdom is more or less a floating fortress defending itself with batteries of Heat-Ray Cannons, and able to shield itself from attacks by producing a dense cloud barrier. The Palace City is suspended by a Anti-Gravity force produced by Radium-Reactors. The Radium Element was being mined in the land of the dead by slaves but Ming has blockaded the mines and dictates to Vultan what rations he will receive. Slaves also perform the dangerous radiation work of shoveling the radium element into the Atom furnaces of Sky City until they die, the Hawk-men have almost depleted their supply of radium and are desperate to discover another power source-slaves are always found in supply and these captives make for great sport in the arena.

King Vultan
King Vultan of the flying Hawkmen has ambitions of becoming ruler of Mongo over Baron, which he has little liking. Vultan hopes to position himself closer to the throne by wooing Ming's daughter Aura. Loud and brash with a great lust for pleasures battle and Sport-he enjoys pitting captives in life and death struggles in his arena. Vultan laughs in all occasion and scoffing at all but wears a crown of great burden for the plight of his Hawk people he must choose between attacking Mings blockade openly or perhaps waring against the Lion-men for their Cavorite.

The Undersea Kingdom of the Sharkmen
Beneath the sea of mystery is a sunken continent of Coralia, Once an ancient city of surface dwellers now a underwater Kingdom mostly in ruins except the palace that is protected from the crushing pressure of the depths by a gravity field barrier that Ming controls. The palace city is inhabited by mutant humanoid aquatic Sharkmen that patrol the ocean floor in Flying submarines and use a variety of monstrous sea beasts to guard the kingdom
King Kala
Kala is ruler by succession of combat, but is no more than a greedy thug that serves Ming, more of a brute and not much of a thinker with a lot of desires for power and jumps at whatever scraps Ming gives him. Kala is Diabolical in his viciousness and cruelty to those unfortunates that are captured and have no bargaining value or ransom. Kala believing himself undefeatable makes great sport of captives in a grand show for all to see his boldness and strength. Kala obeys Mongo due to the constant threat by Ming that he will deactivate the protective barrier if the Sharkmen do not serve his will.
The kingdom of Volcania is in the region known as the fire-lands, this is the area of Mongo closest to the SunStar TAO where the heat is unbearable among the Lava flows burning Sulfer pits and showers of flaming volcanic ash-what life that survives here is most primitive and non-human, effected worst by the radiation of long ago. Giant Fire Dragons and Rock Men can survive here and they guard the crater mountain city inhabited by the mutant Lizard Men. Volcania is supported by a thermal reactor that feeds on a Thermite Ore the Lizard Men mine for, it provides the city with power as well as their defenses of melta-ray weapons and Strato-Sled attack ships. It is said that those who have ventured into these lands have never returned or are herd from ever again not just due the harsh enviroment-but rather the many tales that speak of - Gundar the desert hawk-a phantom defender and these lands are his home. The Rock-Men and Lizard Men work together as one lead by a counsel of leaders that maintain the story that they and there lands are under the protection of Gundar.

The Ancient Underworld

Ming rules all of Mongo except for the ancient highly advanced mysterious Underworld Kingdom of Syk. Mongo's crusts is riddled with caverns and chambers, and in some of them is to be found a realm that according to legend is the remnant of a kingdom empire that once ruled all Mongo. Syk once ruled by a great King “Ghor-dhan” now ruled by Queen Azura is supposedly founded on magic, in contrast to the high technology of the rest of Mongo. However, it becomes clear that Syk's "magic" is actually an advanced mage-science of transmutation of energies and matter by use of a sacred relic device known as the Black Sapphire rune stone.It is believed that this deep dark rune sapphire shard grows from the very heart of Mongo pulsating with the Cosmic life-force Energies of the planet-it is this-that gives AZURA and the people of SYK their legendary immortality and Magic-its is this-that MING desires to posses not just for its mystical powers but since he was banished from Syk and the rejuvenating influences of the sacred relic-he hopes to regain his youth long since faded away as he has aged much growing old.

Witch-Queen Azura
Azura-beautiful powerful and immortal thought to be a powerful witch feared by all on Mongo that believe in the legends of her existence that tale of a time when Ming is said to have attempted to conquer the Syk underworld realm "long and long ago" with an army of one million, who had completely vanished never to be heard from again. Azura with little in common and having no interest in the affairs of the barbaric primitives that war among one another in the surface world above, finds herself consumed with watching over and intervening unseen and with favor of the earth man Flash Gordon in his dangerous exploits. Azura is convinced that Flash is her long lost love Ghor-dhan returned to her. Azura at times will venture beyond the fire-barrier of the vortex to the outer worlds-only she knows where the White Sapphire rune is hidden-many lifetimes ago her beloved Ghor-dhan went to the red planet mars to hide the stone from all-fore the white sapphire counters the effects of the black stone shard-he had never returned back to her-so she travels to check on the stone always hoping to find her king.

Pirates & Slave Traders
There are many other Mutant Races that survive not by might rather by attacking and boarding vulnerable ships looting them and even ransoming the crew or selling them into slavery which ever is most profitable also they have been known to hirer out as mercenaries.


FLASH GORDONS Earth Ship-constructed by fringe-suedo scientist DR. ZARKOV this ship is decades beyond conventional earth designs-not only is this craft able to fly through atmosphere, but it is capable to enter into outer space. this ship was built for the purpose of exploration but later is modified by Zarkov out of necessity with a new propulsion reactor and a weapon technology obtained when Fash-Dale & Zarkov reach the dangerous world of Mongo. size 35mm L x 16mm W

MING'S WAR ROCKETS Cruiser & Destroyer - these enforce Mings law none of the Kingdoms want to tango with these brutes-they are powered by plasma fuel and can suspend gravity and rest without momentum as the Hawkmen city is able-well armed with Heat Rays -Beam weapons-Energy Canons and the cruiser has a main Electro-Matter canon and wing gunners-both have heavy armor plate Nose-Prows and Resisto-Force defenses- Cruiser is 72mm L x 55mm W Destroyer 46mm L x 32mm W

FLYING GYROS- of the Lion Men-the Heavy is for surface bombardment using gravity bombs and a destructive energy bolt discharge-having a coil-collector that gathers charged atomospheric plasma then discharging it at targets like a Lightning Strike-the Fighter is more manuverable for ship to ship combat with canons that can fire in all directions at once and has a energy rod that protects it from energy weapons like a lightning rod-the Gyros travel in attacking squadrons spining like tops in flight -but they actually counter rotate creating an anti-gravity field induced by Cavorite. Heavy is 39mm T x 29mm W Fighter is 28mm T x 17mm W

FRIGEAN ROCKETS-although the Frigeans are perceived as peaceful they do have the means to defend them selves and these ships are proof-more sleek and fueled with charged plasma these craft are almost the fastest on the planet 2nd only to Arborean ships-medium armor hull and armed with a Atom-Ray canon within their nose prows-the cruiser is fitted with a system for seeding or spraying Polarite in the atmosphere countering the effects of Mings Poison Rockets. the Cruiser measures 42mm L x 32mm W the Fighter is 26mm L x 22mm W

POISON ROCKET & METEOR SHIP-both are piloted by Mings Robot Men-the Poison Rocket is a flying Canister of lingering death seeding the atmosphere over the intended target with the green Zerillium gas causing lethal acid rain also this harbinger of death can spray Death Dust made from Zerillium sure to kill-the Meteor Ships magnetically grapple asteroid fragments and guide them to their targets as well as polarize the fragment magnetically and release them to be drawn to targeted craft crushing them-these ships are based on the mining asteroid ICTAR where they are re-supplied with poisons and meteors-each is also lightly armored and have a forward beam weapon-Poison ship is 31mm L x 32mm W- meteor ship is 20mm L x 28mm W
SHARK-MEN FLYING SUB-the ocean floor is dominated solely by the Shark men in their flying attack submarines that are unmatched in their enviroment-able to rise from the depths of the ocean to the stratosphere not really capable of space flight due to their propulsion is a magnetic engine using the planets field giving them unlimited range within the field-their speed however moderate-they are medium armour and can fire torpeados or launch rockets. this ship measures 38mm L x 23mm W

ARBOREAN Fast Attack Rockets-this Ship is a Destroyer Class doe's not glide gracefully it cuts through the atmosphere like an arrow into the heart of its target but in swarms-they are fast moving and hard to hit powered by hyper-fusion plasma not even the Frigean ships can keep up-however these are for quick battles so they are best used in waves of attack. medium armor with Nose prow-beam weapons and dorsal energy guns-measures 40mm L x 14mm W.

STRATO SLEDS-these ships are not rockets more like gliders that take flight using cosmic energy collected by coil collectors drawing them to the stratosphere they can regulate this power field and can traverse space. both of these Sleds are lightly armoured and are primarily bombmers discharging Thermite bombs making the intended target an inferno that will burn with the heat of a sunstar for days-the larger is also armed with a Strata-Canon. larger is 32mm L x 19mm W smaller is 26mm L x 22mm W.

the Phantom WITCH SHIPS of SYK-Little is known or remembered about the mysterious underworld city and it's Witch-Queen, only that there are rare sightings of these ships-they appear from nowhere sometimes one ship sometimes many-like apparitions warning of things to come-danger or events about to happen-most of the other races turn away from the vision of these harbingers. the Witch Ships appear to have the ability to travel at the speed of light and the only rumored weaponry are Sonic in nature-like loud screams that kill. they measue 39mm L x 10mm W
TERRORHAWK Battle Rocket-in the time when the Hawkmen lived atop the high places of the world they met their enemies in combat with these ships of battle, now that they have since raised their Kingdom into the sky and reside there in their flying palace city-the Hawkmen have retired these ships to the task of transporting Radium Ore from the lands of the dead-ancient are these ships but deadly they still can be-although slow in flight powered by rocket fuel they are well armoured and have beam weaponry -rockets-gravity bombs and wing-gunners. measures 38mm L x 35mm W.

Earths- Rocket Fighter Bomber- in Earths later attempt to support Flash and the allies he has made-Earth converts several factorys to begin production of a small compact maneuverable rocket powered fighter-bomber ship with specifications transmitted by Dr. Zarkov from Mongo. this ship is rocket powered since earth does not have the elements to convert the bombers like Zarkov did with Flashes ship - measures 24mm L x 35mm W

normally used by Pirates -Mercinaries-and Rebels- measures 48mm L x 32mm W

Slave Traders and Pirates and other Factions make use of this ship design-measures 41mm L x 19mm W

All Kits are home made and Require Some Assembly-Cleaning-Modeling-Painting!!!
Mingo Palace City $28.00 + $5.00 S&H -this Kit includes everything in photo-Mingo city with -1 Ming War Rocket Cruiser and 2 Ming War Rocket Destroyers. Mingo City measures 3 1/4 H x 5 1/2 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

the Kingdom of ARBORIA $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Arboria with -4 Arborian Attack Rocket's-Arboria measures 1 1/8 H x 4 1/4 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

the Kingdom of FRIGIA $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Frigia with -2 Frigian Cruiser Rockets and 2 Rocket Fighters-Frigia measures 1 1/2 H x 5 3/8 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

HAWKMEN SKY CITY $25.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Sky City with -3 TerrorHawk Rockets -Sky City measures 6 1/2 H x 3 1/4 W-comes with a large base(need Rod)kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

ICTAR Asteroid $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Ictar with -2 Poision Rockets and 3 Meteor ships- measures 2 3/8 H x 3 3/8 W-comes with a large base(need Rod)kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

Kingdom of the LION MEN $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Lionmen Kingdom with -2 Heavy Bombardment Gyros and 2 Attack Fighter Gyros-Kingdom measures 2 1/4 H x 4 3/4 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

Ming's Base & Super Destructo-Ray $20.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Base measures 4" H x 3 1/4 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

VOLCANIA $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Crater City with -4 Strata Sleds -Crater City measures 1 5/8 H x 6 1/8 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

CORALIA-The Undersea Kingdom of the Sharkmen $22.00 + $5.00 S&H--this Kit includes everything in photo-Coralia with -4 Sharkmen flying subs -Coralia City measures 1 6/8 H x 4 3/4 W-kit is cast in resin and requires Assembly/Painting.

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this kit includes everything in photo-Underworld City w/4 Witch Ships
Syk City measures 5" inchs W x 4 1/2" T - Ten peices that are cast in resin and requires assembly/painting.